Top Firestick Apps to Watch Free Movies & Shows

Apart from Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu and more, you can also use some of the other top third-party Firestick apps to watch the media of your choice.

There are plenty of Firestick apps available that can complete any task you might need.

However, you don’t really need that many Firestick apps for your device. This is because while many apps have great features, others are just decorative or don’t provide any special benefits.

For this reason, I have compiled a list of the best Firestick apps for your Fire TV / Stick that you can download or download.

Best Firestick Apps for 2022

Let’s start the list now that we are aware of the need for Firestick apps.

To help you better understand the exact function of these apps, I have divided them into categories.

1. One Box HD

Firestick Apps to Watch
Top Firestick Apps to Watch Free Movies & Shows

One Box HD used to be one of the most popular third-party apps for Android.

Earlier iterations of One Box HD did not support Firestick remote control. However, the app is now completely remote thanks to software updates.

One Box HD continues to offer high-quality streaming links, which is why it’s included on this list of the best Firestick apps, but it has some drawbacks that we couldn’t ignore.

It has been updated with new material, but the home screen is missing it. Therefore, you have to search for the content manually.

Additionally, the app hasn’t received an update in a while. While there are other, excellent options here on this list, you can still check out the One Box HD.

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2. Xema TV

Firestick Apps to Watch
Top Firestick Apps to Watch Free Movies & Shows

Comcast owns the top on-demand content provider Xema.

It distributes free content using an ad-based model.

You can download the official Xema app from the Amazon App Store.

With this app, you can stream news, TV, movies, sports, kids and family content, comedy, lifestyle and more.

Only North America, Brazil and Western European nations have access to it.

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3. Cyberia TV APK

Firestick Apps to Watch
Top Firestick Apps to Watch Free Movies & Shows

Additionally, this scraper-based application fetches streams from various sources.

Log in with your Real-Debride account to access premium Full HD streams.

Content can be sorted by genre and year, and videos can be marked as favourites for easy access.

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4. Local BTV

Firestick Apps to Watch
Top Firestick Apps to Watch Free Movies & Shows

A live TV service called Local BTV provides local TV channels in more than 20 US markets. software for firestick

It currently does not offer any channels from major TV networks.

However, if this app contains one of your preferred channels, you can download it.

You can purchase Local BTV from the Amazon Store.

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5. Hero Go TV

Firestick Apps to Watch
Top Firestick Apps to Watch Free Movies & Shows

Hero Go is a streaming platform that provides on-demand and live TV channels.

You can download it from Amazon App Store as it is an official app.

Hero Go offers hundreds of movies and TV shows on demand in addition to more than 200 live TV channels.

Hero Go offers free streaming and works on an advertising model.

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I believe you all are now aware of the best firestick apps to watch free movies and TV shows. Try out one of your favourites and let us know in the comments which feature of this app you liked the most. If you liked our article, please share it with your family and friend.




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