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Technology Zero is an unlockable passive item added to The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth † (Booster Pack #2).


Combines tears with electricity that damages enemies. Electricity damage is equal to Isaac’s damage. Electricity deals 30% of Isaac’s damage, 15 times per second. A tear can create one connection. Jerking does not create another connection even after the connection is lost. However, other tears can still make connections with it.

Each of Isaac’s tears can link to other allies’ tears, including the tears of shooting familiars. The number of connections is limited by the number of Isaac’s tears.


It will combine Jacob’s and Esau’s tears regardless of which one picked up the item.


Anti-Gravity: All the tears fired are connected by electricity, creating a series of electric fences.

Apple! /  Tough Love: Electricity damage can be multiplied by items. This occurs independently of the tears that generated the electricity. Cricket’s Body /  Compound Fracture /  Parasite: Split tears will be connected by electricity.

Evil Eye: Tears fired by the eye will be electrically connected to Isaac’s tears. Eye of the Occult: Allows you to move electrified tears, allowing you to hit more enemies and deal more damage. Hemolacria: Major cracks and explosions can be connected by electricity. Pop!: Tears in the air and tears that knock around each other will still be connected, effectively creating electrical barriers. Proptosis: Triples electricity damage. It has no range penalty

Sinus Infection: Boogers will have electricity flow between them even when attached to the same enemy, dealing massive damage to bosses. Sulfuric Acid /   Tera: Lasers are capable of destroying terrain, but are unable to apply knockback, allowing for easy destruction of large amounts of obstacles. Tiny Planet: Creates moving laser fields that orbit the character

The Wiz The diagonally spreading teardrops will connect with electricity, effectively leveling the target’s dead spot and providing a very wide range attack.


The following entries override Technology Zero. Tears from other sources, such as a lead pencil, can still generate electricity with each other. Brimstone Dr. Fetus Epic Fetus Mom’s Knife Technology Tech X Trisagion: Tears from other sources can be combined with Trisagion’s blast base.

Continuum: Tears Will Travel Through Walls; however, electricity does not connect tears when they are out of the room. If the rift was connected before it passed through the wall, it will not be connected after passing through, limiting the effectiveness of the combo. Flat Stone: Tears lose connection when bouncing. As such, tears cannot bond with another tear once bounced, but other tears can bond with them.

Hemolacria: Only major tears can be attached


Technology Zero is based on this Steam Workshop item by Ashkait and Scayz. Oddly enough, this item has a tech item tag and therefore contributes to unlocking it on its own, even though it shouldn’t normally be possible.






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