studio apartment virtual tour

studio apartment virtual tour

How can I take a virtual tour of the apartment?


How to create a virtual tour for your multi-family units


Choose a tool to help you create a virtual tour. …


Complete the preparation of the apartment or property. …


Go to the location and record the virtual tour. …


Use the Virtual Tour app to edit and create a tour.



In 2020, when most of the world will be digital, property managers will have a hard time impressing potential residents with standard pictures and written descriptions of their buildings. With 93% of buyers researching and purchasing homes online, virtual tours are what can help you win the battle for their attention and interest.


Virtual tours not only showcase the apartment building, but also allow you to reach a wider audience with your Google listing: It favors virtual images over digital ones and shows them more often in search results. That’s why condo listings with virtual tours get 87% more views. Plus, prospects are 130% more likely to book based on a virtual tour, giving landlords a great opportunity to find new, reliable tenants.


That’s all well and good, but how to do virtual tours of your properties? What are the PropTech startups and tools that can help you create VR tours? This guide will give you those answers and more.


What is a virtual tour?


In real estate, virtual tours refer to simulations of existing locations that consist of multimedia elements such as videos and still images. They can also include effects such as music, lyrics and narration.


A virtual tour is also known as a 3D tour or a panoramic tour, which reminds us of Street View on Google Maps. It allows property managers to showcase homes for sale or rent digitally so buyers can see the inside of the apartment building online.


In other words, virtual tours help people know your location from a distance.

It looks like this on the website:

As a virtual tour creator, you can make it interactive (so viewers can control what they see with zoom and arrows) or non-interactive (so viewers only see what you show them).

To give you an idea of ​​what the 360 ​​virtual tour experience is like, here is a real example of a luxury apartment in New York from

5 benefits of virtual tours of flats and apartments

As mentioned in the introduction, virtual tours are beneficial for property managers who want to engage more potential customers and increase the visibility of their building in search engines. Therefore, you get more exposure with fewer offline showings, attract a wider audience of international buyers and filter out potential customers who are not serious about buying or renting your home.

However, the top five benefits of creating virtual tours for your properties are as follows:

  1. They are more accurate than photographs

How often have buyers come to view an apartment and complain that it looks different from the photos? Yes, professional images are still essential to include in your Google My Business listings, but virtual tours will generate more interest because they are more accurate.

When looking at your apartment through virtual tours, buyers see it from different angles. Virtual tours therefore complement your marketing efforts and build awareness and trust in your product. Even if you can’t photograph every corner to satisfy your viewers’ curiosity, 360 virtual tours will do it for you.

  1. They are more engaging than photos

That being said, sites and listings with virtual tours get 87% more impressions from potential customers than those without. They are more interactive and user-friendly for customers, allowing them to explore your property the way they want.

Virtual tours are perfect for introverts who feel uncomfortable or even pressured to tour a home with a property manager. In addition, virtual tours are more engaging for your potential clients living in other cities or even countries: It is logical that they cannot come to you at any time and ask for a real-life tour.

In addition, virtual tours in your business listings help your residential services stand out from other offerings on the market.

  1. Virtual Tours Minimize in-person appearances

In 2020, when “thanks” to COVID-19, tenants and property managers alike had to familiarize themselves with the concept of “social distancing”, virtual tours became real lifesavers. They allow you to minimize personal appearances but stay the course during these uncertain times.

They spend less time meeting potential clients in real life and become even more productive at work. Virtual listing tours become your chance to focus on other aspects of your business and think of alternative marketing strategies for better results.

  1. They reach a larger audience

Due to their interactive nature, virtual tours grab people’s attention faster than static images or lengthy descriptions. They create the illusion of presence and appeal to our social instinct, allowing viewers to respond to interacting with the visuals you provide.

And since visual content is processed 60,000 times faster than text, such 360 virtual real estate tours attract a wider audience regardless of nationalities and native languages.

  1. They tell the whole story

When you create a virtual tour to show your property, you highlight all the details: the rooms and spaces in the building, other features and services, and any other aspects a buyer might want to know about it. You can add texts to it, tell the story of the building, consider different types of navigation and inform the viewer about everything you think is necessary.

All this makes the virtual tour a multi-functional real estate promotion tool. It is cost effective and easy to create and helps you present your properties in a more attractive and researchable way.


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