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Research, development and innovation are not considered.

While the number of unicorns continues to grow, the lifespan of S&P companies is decreasing every day. Now companies and products can only build on the next idea.

We’re here for you.

We are a research and development company that helps other companies with Industry 4.0 | Optimization | Software worldwide. We claimed that our Triz, System Theory, V-model, FMEDA analysis can solve every problem you have.

Focused on data science and AI, our amazing team creates solutions with a deep-rooted culture of solving technology problems. Please contact us if you have any questions.

What are we doing?

Ratio Technologies uses a combination of pattern language solutions such as Triz and Ontology Mapping to innovate its own efficient business models.

Energy storage technology

When Ratio Technologies was just starting to expand in the world and without any grid storage application in our region, Ratio Technologies started its research in energy storage and developed a unique business model strategy by researching the best examples in the world.

Our company, which also receives support from Tubitak with a developed business idea, continues the R&D activities of REST, which is an energy storage management system and modeling and simulation tool platform that enables investors to generate ROI accounts and optimal system designs.

Industrial network solutions

As part of the railway signaling project, our company started working on the demand for the development of a domestic industrial network switch for special needs, safety-critical and low-cost compared to international competition.

Using high-level logic and advanced research and development methods specific to our company, all the technological requirements, project team, standards and technical specifications that must be met have been created.


LARISSA aims to develop a new Decision Support System (DSS) that detects, proposes and proposes agri-food strategies at regional and continental level. optimizes the process with its vertical and horizontal dimensions of the entire agri-food chain, provides recommendations through what-if scenarios for stakeholders related to pre-production, production, distribution and transactions






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