Oil catch can billet technology

Catch cans are nothing new to the market, but the Billet Tech Team is very proud of the fact that five years ago this month (August), we introduced the very first turnkey solution for the modern (Gen 3) Hemi market.

Road tested at the South East Shin Dig in early August 2007, the Billet Tech Catch Can with our ORIGINAL DESIGN Dual Chamber Top captured approximately a quarter of a can of oil in just over 500 miles one way. Members were so impressed with the piece that LX Forums own Mexi (Robert Scott) bought a prototype straight from the BT Charger.

Not all catch cans are the same. Especially when your competitors “borrow” your design, from the same mounting options to our original dual-chamber roof. In fact, there is no innovation or originality with other similar products.

The fact is that these “co-opted” designs have no new innovations nor were they able to develop improvements to the original Billet Technologies design. These types of companies live on the previous “name” and are actually copying our design patent. Some of these companies will even imply that we make “their” can. Of course, this is not the case and we at Billet Tech are always amazed at how low some will go to trick you into making a sale.

When you choose to purchase a genuine Billet Tech trap, you are always assured of:

Unrivalled quality! You will not find a better machined or finished product in the industry today. We will test against anyone! Made on site at our Lake Worth, Florida facility using only certified homegrown materials. Do you know where the consignment warehouse is manufactured, let alone what types of materials are used? Service now and in the future for your product. We won’t forget you after we send you can of catch out the door. Constantly improving the proven and tested design. We never rest on what we do and are constantly creating new ways to improve the product, whether it’s improving the hose barbs, the industry’s first knurled bottom catcher, or our original hose ends for our braided hose kit. Billet Tech creates and develops a turnkey product for Chrysler cars and trucks. We also drive them, so we understand your type of car or truck and can answer questions intelligently. A parts warehouse can’t do that, let alone a supermarket consignment shop. We have a private label for other brands using the same design with turnkey options.

We hope that when you consider purchasing a hitch for your Chrysler or Dodge, you will consider purchasing from a company whose team drives your type of car or truck every day. We’ve been driving LX & LY based Chryslers since May 2004 (2005 model years) It’s easy to co-opt a design and call it your own, it’s another thing to be on the cutting edge and constantly working to improve your products and services to the marketplace. This is something The Billet Tech Team does every day.





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