Must Watch Treasure Hunting Shows in 2021

Must Watch Treasure Hunting Shows in 2021

Are you fascinated by treasure hunting? I know that treasure hunting has been a personal affair since the beginning of time. With modern television and easy access to entertainment, hundreds of adventures and exciting treasure hunt shows await you

So, I decided to tell you the most enticing TV shows and put them together to give you the best must-see treasure hunt shows that will pique your interest and become your best treasure hunt entertainment.

7 Must-See Treasure Hunt Shows

Let’s learn more about the shows and discuss what you can find in the following shows that I have listed for your viewing pleasure. Shows have many episodes and sorry once you watch an episode you will be addicted to the series. Guys, get lost in imaginative treasure hunts and untold adventures on the sands, islands and seas. Enjoy!

1. Cooper’s Treasure

It’s been a long time, Ahm Sorry, let’s get straight to the point. In 1963, Astronaut Cooper broke some record for the longest flight in space. He orbited Earth for about 122 hours on the mission; he noticed many anomalies that looked like dark spots. Cooper took approximately 100 photographs of these anomalies in the southern Caribbean.

He used to believe that sunken wrecks had drowned long ago. The photographs remain on the ship nearly 40 years after his death. Before his death, he shared some of the hidden secrets with his friend Darrell Miklos.

And after Miklos’s death, he took this information and set out to investigate the anomalies. The result of these exploratory efforts is the television series Cooper’s Treasure.

2. Curse ofOak Island Season 9

The Curse of Oak Island Season 9 is a long running TV show with around 9 episodes and 150 episodes at the time of this article. The TV show originally aired on History TV on January 5, 2014 and is still an ongoing hunting reality TV show.

The show follows two brothers, Rick and Marty; they found some latest technology to discover the hidden secrets in the dark waters of Oak Island. After reading a 1965 Readers Digest article about the Rest all family exploring the Money Pit, the brothers became interested in the island.

The brothers later bought the entire island and Prometheus Entertainment and made a plan to broadcast The Curse of Oak Island.

Theories behind Oak Island

The brothers discovered several important theories about the history of the secret island and the hunt for the treasure hidden on the seabed. A famous theory proposed by the brothers is that an ancient mariner visited Oak Island long ago and left behind huge treasures and relics.

Another famous theory is that some of the Knights Templar are hiding the king’s treasure Hunting of religious artifacts.

3. Excavators

The TV show Digger lasted for four seasons that started in 2013 and ended in 2015 and had 66 episodes.

The show is followed by George ‘King George’ Wyant and Tim ‘Ringmaster’ Saylor; the king ordered soldiers to use metal detectors all over the US for the lost treasure. Some major episodes include the location of Steve Job’s time capsule, the burning of McCoy’s cabin, later The Fox News Channel cancels Diggers.

4. Treasure Quest: Snake Island

The show Treasure Quest follows divers Megan Heaney and Cork Graham as they search for a lost Inca treasure hidden by a great emperor known as The Treasure of Trinity.

Conquistador Aleixo Garcia once set out on an expedition through the Brazilian jungle. In which they attacked an Inca clan and stole their gold. The Inca king believed that Huayna Capac and his army had driven Garcia out, but left Garcia with a vast wealth of Inca gold.

Garcia’s men, Guarani warriors, later became greedy and killed Garcia, taking his fortune. Inca gold was lost on an island called Snake Island.

5. The Curse of Civil War Gold

Famous and famous star Marty Lagina also worked on Curse of Oak Island; the same team of explorers and stars set out to find the lost gold of Confederate President Davis.

The story begins with stolen gold that came from the deathbed confession of a local lighthouse keeper. In his confession, he said that Union soldiers stole his gold and took all the gold in the North Lakes. The confession ended on Lake Michigan. And the team decided to find the lost gold in a treasure Hunting in Lake Michigan.

6. American Excavator

TV shows follow a former professional wrestler and family. Frank Huguelet, a wrestler, knows nothing about metal detecting, but one day he finds his grandfather’s map and decides to find their lost treasure. The American Diggers originally aired on March 21, 2012 on Spike TV.

The show has two seasons and approximately 22 episodes. Later, the producers decided to change the name of the show to Savage Family Diggers after the famous magazine complained about trademark infringement.

7. Legend of The Superstition Mountains

Once upon a time, a Dutch treasure hunter was searching for a famous lost gold mine. Wayne Tuttle and his team of brilliant archaeologists have found a hidden gold mine in the Arizona desert. Many people died trying to get the hidden gold; some experts have also died trying to crack the code of the secret valley, but there is a new clue that could be a piece of the puzzle. And nobody knew about that piece. Wayne has a clue and decides to find a hidden gold mine in the Arizona desert. Many told him he couldn’t find the mines, but his awareness helped him find the treasure. Join Wayne on a treasure hunt adventure.





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