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Molnar Rod | High performance connecting rods and crankshafts from Molnar Technologies

Molnar technologies Improve the performance and life of your engines with durable, high quality connecting rods from Molnar Rods .com!

On land or water, on pavement, in dirt or mud, modern motorsport and power sports enthusiasts place higher demands on their engines than ever before. If it is an internal combustion engine, there is probably some type of competition available where you can test your vehicle as you try to improve its performance and reliability. Molnar Technologies connecting rods provide an extremely strong and reliable connection between your pistons and crankshaft. These piston rods can be used in vintage restored muscle cars, high performance street cars, drag racing, oval tracks, street racing, drifting, off-road racing, mud bogs, towing vehicles and more.

H Beam Molnar Rods

Our huge selection of 4340 billet steel H-beam connecting rods from Molnar Technologies covers everything from 3-cylinder Sea Doo jet ski engines to V10 Viper engines and most every popular performance engine in between, all at reasonable prices. Our range includes rods for use in normally aspirated, supercharged and turbocharged engines, NOS turbocharged engines as well as stroke and lift configurations.

Don’t risk losing your next race or damaging your engine by having stock or worse aftermarket rods. Shop now and shop today to take advantage of our discounted prices and fast shipping and upgrade to Molnar Technologies premium rods.

Different applications require different connecting rod designs

Every application is different, which is one of the reasons we have so many different rod options available. It’s important to choose the right rod when considering the many forces created by factors such as engine displacement, crank stroke, connecting rod length, piston speed, compression, power, booster, nitrous and the type of racing you do. These factors are important to consider when choosing a rod.

In addition to the standard rods for the weight category, we have extra heavy models for extreme boost and nitro’s applications, as well as extra light models for use in restricted or restricted racing classes. If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help.

Molnar Power Adder bars


an example of a new design for specific applications is the Molnar range of counting rods. As more and more performance enthusiasts and racers use turbos, superchargers and nitro’s in their engines, the demands for heavier rods for these applications have grown. PWR ADR™ rods feature the added strength to handle these higher horsepower engines without adding extra mass in areas that don’t contribute to a stronger, more durable rod.

Molnar Power Adder Plus Rods

You asked for it and Molnar Technologies answered by delivering a range of extreme duty connecting rods. The number of people today building extremely high-performance engines using very high-performance superchargers, large displacements with very high charge with twin turbos, and very large NOS strokes has created the need for even stronger rods for certain applications.

Stroker engines

When installing a lifter crank, there are sometimes clearance problems due to the longer movement of the rods closer to the oil pan rail and cylinder bottoms, as well as the camshafts in some engine blocks. To improve clearance, many Molnar cranks use smaller diameter connecting rod pins. This reduces the outer dimensions on the rods, which increases the clearance and makes it easier to mount the crank arms to the engine block.

Small Journal Bar Sets

One of the more recent trends in racing cranks and rods is the use of smaller crankshaft journal diameters. Modern materials and construction allow the use of reduced rod pin diameters while maintaining strength. In addition to reducing the weight of the rotating assembly, this also reduces bearing surface velocity, friction and windage loss, all of which ensure increased torque and power. In our product list, you will find several sets of piston rods that are made to work with small pin diameters.





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