Modern technology paragraph HSC

Modern Technology Paragraph for JSC and SSC Students:

The modern age is the age of science and technology. Modern technology is a great boon to mankind. We see the influence of modern technology everywhere. We cannot think of our modern life without technology. Nowadays, technology is used in industry, communication, medical care, domestic activities, etc. The use of technology has made our life easier and more enjoyable. Modern civilization is a gift of technology. Radio, television, computer, refrigerator, satellite dish etc. are the blessings of modern technology. Modern technology has turned the world into a global village through the Internet and mass media. In addition, modern technology introduced speed eliches, supersonic aeroplanes. They help us overcome distances. Now we can communicate with anyone living anywhere in the world in an instant. Using this technology, we can find lost ships or planes in the deep sea or ocean. But the technology has certain disadvantages. Nuclear weapons, are biological weapons used in war. A large number of people die as a result. Satellite TV channels are also damaging the culture of different countries. So, we all should try to use technology wisely for the welfare of mankind.


Paragraph Modern Technology for HSC Students:


Technology is the most useful form of science for the general population. Simply put, technology is when we take the concepts of science and transform them into gadgets and devices that are useful to us as human beings. When we look around us, almost everything is a result or form of technology. For example, the device you are using right now is a form of technology created for communication, or the refrigerator in your kitchen is a use of science to help keep your food fresh and cold. These examples show how dependent we are on technology and how important it is to us in our daily lives. It is not easy to imagine our life without the use of any form of technology.

For the smallest of communications, we tend to turn to our cell phones. Even most of the food we eat is packaged in factories using various technologies. It is therefore impossible to imagine life without technology. It is not only a fact but also a necessity for all of us. In fact, the smartphone, a mobile phone that can connect to the Internet, is becoming one of the fastest growing and most affordable forms of technology around the world. You can click photos, browse the internet, listen to music and use social media on your smartphone. With the advent of smart phone technology, the practical purpose of communicating not only with your friends but also with many others as mentioned earlier is fulfilled.


In today’s world, technology is becoming more and more important as the years go by. Scientists have done so much to advance humans with technology and we still have a long way to go.





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