Mass effect 3 target jamming technology

Mass Effect 3: Target Jamming Technology Walkthrough

During Mass Effect 3, many people in the Citadel need your help. Not only do they need you to save the galaxy, but they also have a few smaller problems that require your assistance. Honestly, they won’t always ask you for help, but it’s often worth lending a hand because it usually gets you experience, money, reputation, and some war assets.

In addition, it is usually enough to buy something for them, which is the case with the Target Jamming Technology quest. The problem is that the game doesn’t explicitly tell you where the thing you need to get is located. All this information is in this manual.

How to unlock Quest

You can get the quest any time after Priority: Citadel 2 (Cerberus Coup). However, you won’t be able to complete it until Rannoch: Admiral Kori’s.

To choose the Target Jamming Technology quest, head to the Presidium Commons on the Citadel. Then look for the turion C-Sec officer at the bottom of the area, next to Apollo’s Cafe.

You’re not actually talking to the guy. Just listen to his conversation. Once you do this, the game will automatically write the task in your journal.

Alternatively, you can skip this section and head straight to the Jamming Tower data – once Rannoch: Admiral Kori’s is available. When you get the data, you also get the quest.

Get Jamming Technology Data

Before you can get the Jamming Tower data, you must first meet the Quarrians and complete the Priority: Geth Dreadnought quest. Afterwards, head to Rannoch to rescue Admiral Kori’s.

At one point during the Admiral Kori’s quest, you’ll need to disable two anti-aircraft guns that are in separate sections. The turret jamming data is in the left AA gun area.

Once there and kill every Geth in your way, go to the wall on the right. There is a terminal on the wall that stores the required data – it is near the door.

When you pick it up, complete the quest.

  • If you missed the dates during Rannoch: Admiral Kori’s
  • If you’ve already finished Rannoch: Admiral Kori’s and missed the data, there’s still a way to get it.

Simply head to the Spectre Office at the Citadel Embassies and interact with the Spectre Requisitions terminal. You should see Geth Target-Jamming Tech for sale, so buy it.

In order to do this, Admiral Kori’s’ quest must be completed or skipped.

Give the data to the C-Sec officer

Regardless of how you obtained the data, you must turn it over to a C-Sec administrator you may have met earlier. It’s not moving, so it will still be next to Apollo’s Cafe in the lower part of the Presidium Commons on the Citadel.

Simply talk to him, give him the data, and be rewarded with 1000 credits, 30 experience, a reputation boost, and an upgrade to your Citadel Défense Force war asset.

The Mass Effect trilogy is a series full of different possibilities that can really branch the narrative in different directions. Whether it’s something big like saving the Council in the first game, or something as seemingly small as a side quest, certain choices will have a dramatic impact on the people around Commander Shepard. One of those decisions is whether or not to save the Geth or the Quarrians in Mass Effect 3.

What determines the survival of the Geth and Quarrians

Several actions and choices from the games affect whether peace between the Geth and Quarrians is possible. However, not all are of equal value.

Some action needs to be taken no matter what. If you do neither, the Geth or Quarrians will perish.

However, there are also several other actions that affect how everything turns out. Each of them has a total number of points. You must collect at least five points to keep both races alive. So, you have to do some of them, but it’s okay to skip a few.






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