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So, what will lifestyle technology focus on in the coming years? Millionaire magazine took a look into the future with a group of leading technology experts – Kare Global was one of them.


Q: What are the new key trends affecting our work/life?


Strategic Big Data:

The Internet of Things is already here and by 2020 over 30 billion ( lifestyle technology)things will be connected. As the flow of data increases, Big Data meets “social” data and becomes more strategic and manageable as new software and tools emerge to predict behavioural and purchasing trends.


Crowd-Funding Platform:

Globally, CFPs are accelerating, growing 60% since last year. divides them into four categories: Donation Based, Reward Based (most), Loan Based, and Equity Based. Soon we will all be able to own a stake in the start-ups we buy from.


Education 4.0:

MOOCS (Massive Open Online Course) and social media course work in universities will be the norm. Mobile education will lead to a fundamental transformation of the educational landscape with mEducation products and services representing a $38 billion market opportunity by 2020.


Health apps, mobile diagnostics and intuitive biofeedback ( lifestyle technology) are exploding, and healthcare professionals are involved in design and monitoring. By 2020, chronic diseases could account for almost 75% of all deaths worldwide: coronary heart disease (CHD), stroke and diabetes will increase in developing countries.


Q: What lifestyle and hi-tech products will we adapt in the coming years?


The best way to understand how people live with and use technology is to understand the sociology of things and situations. We have therefore developed our Kjaer Global typologies to illustrate typical usage situations:


1: Premium professionals are ambitious achievers.

They love all things digital and progressive to facilitate lifelong learning. These ambitious global citizens want mobility and flexibility in all areas of life. Smart Technology touch points and channels are considered tools for life and health.


Social networks: LinkedIn + Twitter + Google+


Smart technology:

* Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses>>

* Phone AMOLED Samsung bendy >>

* Google Nexus 7 >>

* Tesla Model S >>


2: Creative Class are adventurous innovative entrepreneurs.

They thrive on shared experiences where The Good Life means providing quality, WE-time and storytelling. Cloud Culture empowers and enables them in a world where social networks and dialogue-based business model’s rule.


Social networks: YouTube + Facebook + Tumblr + Spotify


Smart technology:

* Augmented reality: Ikea catalogue

* Brookstone: Ultra-portable virtual keyboard

* Samsung Galaxy Camera: Successfully merging Android with a point-and-shoot camera>>

* iPhone 5/Mini iPad + High-end headphones (Beats by Dr. Dre) >>


3: Cultural explorers are authentic and inclusive.

Their proactive and informed outlook on life means they seek social participation and storytelling with a Better World mandate. To them, community means “People-to-People” networks that work together to build social capital and a brighter future for all.


Social networks: Trip Advisor + Airbnb + The Good Guide app + Vimeo


Smart technology:

* Watson Energy Meter

* Amazon Kindle Fire HD >>

* Faraday Porter electric bicycle >>

* GoPro Hero2 >>


4: Well-being hunters are mindful individuals with an optimistic outlook on the future.

They are looking for holistic and meaningful concepts, and for them total transparency means real engagement. The Feminine Factor inspires values-based “We” time interactions – balanced with “Me” time to nurture health and happiness.


Social networks: Instagram + Pinterest


Smart technology:

* MiniMe: Integrated Health Care >>

* Nike+ Fuel Band and Nike Fuel Goal >> apps

*Electrolux Cocoon: For cooking and preparing meat>>

*Puur Zuiveren by Lukas Jager: Water Purifier

* Kindle Paperwhite >>



1) Blue eye – Kjaer Global

2) Crowdfunding – Airbnb info graphic

3) Intuitive bio feedback

4) Premium Professional – Kjaer Global Pinterest >>

5) Creative Class – Kjaer Global Pinterest>>

6) Culture Explorers – Kjaer Global Pinterest >>

7) Comfort Hunters – Kjaer Global Pinterest >>


Interview: Eleonora Crisafulli questions for Millionaire Magazine, January 2013,

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