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The reasons to love technology are many and great and rock solid, some of them are even pretty obvious, but more on that later. Now, if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to live in a time when all the things you now use without thinking didn’t exist, you probably understand how important technology is to all of us living in today’s society. But why love technology when there are many downsides to consider as well? Here are a few reasons to love technology that I have to point out.




Try to put yourself in your grandmother’s shoes or even better your great grandmother – no dishwasher, no dishwasher, no blender, blender, Crockpot, microwave! I’m tempted to add “no TV” as well, but it doesn’t matter – a woman living without all these modern technologies couldn’t care less about TV or even have time to watch it! We’ll assume she had running water, and in your great-great-grandmother’s case, that’s even a no-brainer! scary, right? I can’t even imagine what it would be like to do it all by hand and I’m sure you can’t either. We can just shrug our shoulders “oh well… different times” and continue reading books, watching TV shows, playing with the kids or painting our nails to the music of our appliances doing their jobs. And that’s one of the great reasons to love technology, right?




Books used to be the privilege of the rich, but that all changed with the technical revolution and progressed even further in the following years. Not only do we have books and education that our ignoble ancestors could only dream of, we also have a way to quickly search and extract information that even our parents could not do so easily. E-books, audiobooks, the Internet – we have this huge survey of all kinds of knowledge! History, religion, art, languages, science, useful facts and things you may never use but just want to know for fun – all readily available and waiting for the eager and willing!




Imagine having to write a letter to your friend, waiting maybe a month for it to arrive, and then another month before you get a reply! Yuck! Now imagine having to go through all that even if you don’t enjoy reading or writing! And there you ask why love technology! Enough talking! Think about that the next time you pick up your phone, and take a moment to notice how much easier it is now for us to stay in touch with friends and family, even if they live on the other side of the globe.




It’s a very simple reason to love technology, but it’s certainly an important one. We have TV, music, news, gossip, games right in the palm of your hand! We can record our favourite TV shows, buy and rent movies and have a fun evening at home and relax after a hard day at work. This makes us less gregarious and gregarious than our grandparents, but it also allows us to have a good time even when we’re not in the mood for company, and it suits the needs of the more working, more stressed modern man.




Relocating for professional reasons is pretty much common these days! But, for example, how would you find out about that amazing job in France if there were no such things as telephone, e-mail, fax? Sure, people migrated in search of better work even in the days of the Pony Express, but their mission was much riskier and the outcome unknown. These days, you don’t have to worry about such things because not only do you make sure the job is yours before you start packing, but you can rent a place, book a plane ticket, and even sold or donate your furniture, all in one day. Modern ways of communication have even brought us a lot of job opportunities that didn’t exist before. For example, freelance! And you don’t need me to explain exactly how interesting, not to mention rewarding, it is to be able to apply your skills globally – right?




Modern methods of communication and data transfer require much less paper, which I honestly believe means there’s a tree (or better yet, a forest) out there that lives happily ever after. But that’s not all! I’ve even decided to go a step further and only buy books that I think are truly amazing, and I’d like to encourage all of you bookworms out there to do the same. I get all my reads in eBook format, read them and then decide if I want them or not. It helps me get more books for the same amount, it allows me to have a library without all those books that are basically useless after the first read, and there are fewer trees to cut down to make paper. I may not be contributing much on a global scale, but at least I’m trying and I have people to thank for being able to do this without having to give up my favorite.




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