Komoe technology limited

KOMOE TECHNOLOGY LIMITED is an Android game developer operating since 2021. The current app portfolio includes 7 games. Two of the most important applications from KOMOE TECHNOLOGY LIMITED are Soul Land:Advent of the Gods and Figure Fantasy. Both have been installed over 1 million times.


Founded in 2020 and headquartered in Hong Kong, Komoe Technology Limited is a mobile game distributor and platform that provides comprehensive distribution, operation and customer service services to our partners. With new strategies that add value to the brand, we effectively introduce high-quality games to the Southeast Asian, Korean and European markets.


iPad and iPhone

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KOMOE Platform Membership Rules

  • user agreement, privacy policy
  • User Agreement

This document is the User Agreement (“Agreement”), a legally binding agreement between you and KOMOE TECHNOLOGY LIMITED (“Komoe”, “we”, “us”, “our”) regarding your use of our services.

In order to protect your respective rights when using the services provided by this website, please be sure to carefully read the following provisions, especially those related to liability and disclaimer, before registering and signing up to use our services. In addition, because the terms herein may change at any time, we encourage you to review them periodically to ensure your rights and interests. To know your rights when using our games, please check the in-game user agreement or the user agreement on the game’s official website.

The Service will be updated from time to time for legal or technical reasons or due to changes in our business. We reserve the right to correct, amend or supplement this Agreement at any time. When we revise this Agreement from time to time, such revisions will form part of this Agreement. When we update this Agreement, we will post the updated version and notify you as appropriate. Be sure to read the updated agreement carefully. If you have any objection to the modified terms of the Agreement, you should immediately stop using the Service. If you continue to log in or use the Service, you will be deemed to have acknowledged and accepted. the revised terms of the Agreement.





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