Is the Air Force a good job?

Most Air Force jobs pay extremely well. Apart from the package, you will also get many benefits like DA, travel allowances, canteen facilities and so on.

From supersonic jets to cutting-edge technology to the best of people, the Indian Air Force lets you live less ordinary. If you want to serve the country as an air warrior, here are some fantastic Air Force jobs you should know about!

Indian Air Force Jobs | Overview

Serving the country as an air warrior is the dream of many, but only a few succeed. In fact, from airmen to administrative officers, Air Force jobs will give you exposure that is different from civilian life. However, due to the number of posts to be filled every year, the Indian Air Force conducts several examinations and recruitment drives.

Top Indian Air Force Jobs You Must Know!

Air Force jobs bring great opportunities and responsibilities. If you think you have what it takes to be an air warrior, here’s your chance to learn all about it!

NOTE: The salary ranges shown are approximate values ​​without the addition of additional allowances. Data may vary from time to time.

Fighter pilot

One of the coolest jobs in the Indian Air Force is that of a fighter pilot. Believe it or not, the magic of supersonic flight is a different feeling. In fact, the position of fighter pilot is extremely well paid. However, as impressive as being a fighter pilot is, getting into the flying branch is comparatively tougher than others. However, you can overcome the testing phases with hard work and passion.

Salary Band: From INR 9 LPA (as Flying Officer). When you get promoted, the salary increases.

Technical Officer

If you have completed or are pursuing an engineering degree, a career as a technical officer in the Air Force is a super hit. Are you asking why? You can work with advanced technologies and at the same time be in charge of the perfect overtone. From ensuring the proper functioning of avionics and other technical systems to controlling missiles, it is one of the Air Force’s most incredible jobs.

Salary Range: From INR 8.28 LPA onwards.

Air Intelligence Officer

Intelligence is a key part of the armed forces. Without accurate intelligence, continuing the mission is risky. While India has its intelligence wings like R&AW, IB and NIA – military institutions have their own intelligence wings for additional assistance. The Directorate of Air Intelligence is the intelligence arm of the Indian Air Force.

In fact, as an Air Intelligence Officer you are responsible for

Direct management and planning of activities.

Collect, use, analyze and create intelligence information.

Find out information from people; through signals, images and even measurements.

The life of an Air Intelligence Officer is nothing short of adventure.

Salary Range: Average annual salary starts from 11.5 – 12.5 LPA

Administrative Officer | Air force work

One of the most sought after areas of the Indian Air Force, as an administrative officer you will come across many things. Administrative officers are in charge of air traffic control (ATC), where you are responsible for monitoring and controlling the movement of aircraft on the ground and in the air using radar, computers and other advanced technology. In addition, administrative officers are also responsible for the operation of Flight Controllers (FCs). Here you must give permission to enter the controlled airspace and hand over control of the aircraft to the air traffic controllers. Overall, administrative officers are responsible for ensuring smooth combat and missions while making tactical decisions.

Salary Range: Around INR 7-9 LPA when you start as a Flying Officer.

Accounts Clerk

No corporate or military organization is complete without its accounting department. Being an accountant in the Indian Air Force is simply a different class. As an accountant, your responsibility will be enormous. From acting as an internal auditor to ensuring a zero-error audit from external agencies, smooth accounting operations depend on you. In addition, as an accountant, you also need to ensure effective management of funds.

Salary Range: Starting package from INR 8-9 LPA.

Logistics Officer

A smooth logistics department is needed for the smooth functioning of the entire establishment. The functioning of the military actually depends on the logistics and service department. As a Logistics Officer in the Indian Air Force, you are responsible for inventory management and procurement of aircraft components. Apart from this, you are also responsible for all types of equipment coming and going to Indian Air Force stations.

Pay Range: Around 7-8 LPA when you start as a Flying Officer.

Educational officer | Air force work

There is a dialogue between everyone that “fauj mein mauj hai” which means there is fun in the army. Many people believe that officers do not need to study once they join the force. But that’s not true! Actually officers in the forces be it Indian Air Force, Indian Army or Indian Navy have to study a lot. There are courses to take, promotional exams, and so much more—more than you and I can imagine. So one of the underrated but well paid jobs in the Air Force is that of an education officer. You may be posted to any squadron or training academies where you will be responsible for imparting basic and advanced knowledge to officers/trainees.

Salary Range: Around 9 LPA.

Meteorological Officer

Weather can change within a minute of spawning. One minute if it’s sunny, the next minute it can be cloudy. Weather changes make it difficult for our brave air warriors to fly the jets and accomplish the task at hand. Here is when the meteorology branch comes into effect. As a meteorological officer, you help air traffic controllers with the weather, who further inform the fighter pilots. While this job is quite impressive, you will also be operating the best monitoring equipment in the world and viewing the latest satellite imagery.

Salary Range: Around INR 9-10 LPA.

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