GLA technology

Innovative solutions thanks to revolutionary technologies


Soon, blockchain (GLA technology) technology will be used to map out completely new and innovative business processes in every industry.

artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence can be used to optimize processes as well as redefine marketing. AI has the potential to disrupt markets and be a breakthrough for business success. We help you bring added value to your company and your customers using artificial intelligence.

Data statistics

The data obtained is central to the company. With the right analysis, new business models can be developed or optimized with respect to product development or marketing.

Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR)

Unique customer experiences are further developed by virtual and augmented reality. With this technology, you can set new standards in the customer journey. With the right solution and idea, VR and AR can add value to both your customers and your internal organization.

One agency with six services

With our global offices and our broad area of ​​expertise, we think holistically to provide you with the best possible solutions. As your full-service partner, we think long-term and help you achieve your goals.

Marketing GLA

  • Your agency for every marketing perspective
  • Online marketing – marketing automation

We connect all online marketing activities and work (Soon, blockchain (GLA technology)on predefined KPIs. Using the best digital tools on the market, we continuously optimize your online marketing activities. Technological progress and changing customer demands are the biggest challenges in a digitized world. We will help you successfully conquer it.

Websites – Performance Marketing

Do you want to create a new website or relaunch an existing website? We create state-of-the-art websites with the latest technologies – from micro sites to complex platforms and online stores. Whether you need a CMS to manage yourself or a customized html-based platform, we can meet your needs. Built for success: By analyzing your customer journey, we know every touchpoint of your business and create targeted personas that match. Performance marketing is therefore one of the top assets we focus on when building your website and platform.

Social media — authentic content with added value

Start conversations with your target audience and build a community with customers and prospects on social media platforms. We help you find the right channels for your business goals and help you with all topics related to social media: Strategy, content creation, seeding, monitoring, reporting, creating social ads and much more. Get the most out of your social media presence!

Communication — storytelling

The secret recipe for successful integrated communication: Connect your communication activities and create a consistent look. We help you position your business, your brand and your services to your target audience. We consult with you and make the right decisions together as a team. That’s why we rely heavily on storytelling – people love stories, and those stories stay with them forever. Let’s start creating unforgettable stories together!

Commercialization – Sponsorship

Are you looking for the optimal sponsor for your brand or do you need professional support to get the best deal for your commercialization rights?

Thanks to our global network and our deep expertise, we can fully support you whenever and wherever you need it most. We have all the necessary resources and partnerships to help you succeed.





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