fashion x technology

The experimental fashion designer creates technology-driven garments that respond to sounds, voices and human presence


Montreal-based fashion designer Ying Gao combines the poetry of craftsmanship with technological curiosity. After graduating from Haute Cole drafts Appliques in Geneva, Switzerland and a Masters in Multimedia from University du Quebec, where she currently holds a professorship, Gao grew up and focused her tech-savvy efforts on fusing clothing with technology. All this in the hope of capturing the elusive elements of nature. Gao explains, “I like to think of my garments as not gadgets, but rather design objects that have been widely reflected upon and have a conceptual and aesthetic ‘life’ befitting their technological mission.”


A multidisciplinary designer, Gao explores the interactive quality of clothing in response to different environments. The tech-based garments were the result of a collaboration with interactive artist Simon LaRoche, who designed the robotics. The sound-activated garments consist of metal pins that move with a peculiar sense of fluidity in response to ambient noise or voices.


Gao further explores movement with “(No)where (Now)here 1,” a photoluminescent dress laced with eye-tracking technology. Influenced by Paul Virgilio’s’ essay The Aesthetics of Disappearance, “(No)where (Now)here 1” explores the interplay between presence and absence as embedded technology responds to the viewers’ gaze. “Intangible things like air, sound and light have always inspired me and will continue to do so,” he says, “technology has been and always will be a tool to demonstrate my metaphorical ideas.”


Images courtesy of Ying Gao


Fashion X Technology is a show of innovative, tech-based couture created in collaboration with DR. Mondial’s Sabine Seymour, featured at New York’s OCBTW and brought to you by Motorola.




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Fashion technology – definition


Fashion technology is a term that describes innovative technologies in material procurement and fashion design and their applicability in fashion production, transportation and ret.






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