COHO Hard Cooler

COHO Hard Cooler

The COHO Hard Cooler is your guarantee to keep drinks and food cold during camping, barbecuing, tailgating and outdoor activities

Features of COHO hard Cooler


High-performance heavy-duty cooler with built-in freezer-grade seal and corrosion-resistant T-claps that create a tight seal to keep heat out and lock in cold for up to five days.

Extended COOLING:

Made with industrial grade insulation that maximizes ice retention; Perfect for outdoor adventures and camping


Rubberized grip latches keep lid secure. The threaded drain plug is garden hose compatible and features a non-slip, easy-grip stainless steel cap


Its seamless design allows for easy portability. Rubber handles make this cooler easy to move around, no matter how heavy it is.


Manufactured to the best industry standards, using only high quality materials for durability and quality assurance. The COHO 55 Quart High Maintenance Cooler is designed to stand the test of time.


25.35 LB

Cooling box material:

Linear low density polyethylene and PU molding

Coho Extremeâ„¢ Rigid Cooler Review

Design and construction

For starters, we were glad they made a rotomolded cooler. Rotomolded is the industry standard and any new player looking to break into the market properly and offer quality that is on par with what the industry giants are doing will need to offer the highest quality rotomolded ice chest.

So from a technological standpoint, it’s a solid cooler and it’s clear that it was made for daring adventurers; hunter, fisherman, camper and road trip junkie.

Where to buy Coho coolers

Since this is a relatively new brand, we won’t see them on Amazon yet. They used to have their own shop but it is no longer there. We’ve seen some of these in a few Costco stores, but again, not online.

How long does ice last in what cooler?


The Coho 165 Quart JUMBO Cooler exceeds the standard in today’s portable refrigeration world. Designed to be the leader of the pack, this cooler can keep it chilled for up to 7 days or more. This cooler holds up to 90 cans with a recommended ice to content ratio of 2:1.

What are coolers proof of?

Bear resistant. This cooler was built to last even the most determined grizzly bear.


Manufactured to the best industry standards, using only high quality materials for durability and quality assurance

This cooler was built to last even the most determined grizzly bear.

It combines versatility with durability with a capacity of up to 55 liters of ice, drinks, food, ice packs and other contents.

This cooler holds up to 39 cans with a recommended ice to content ratio of 2:1

Other coolers like Coho worth checking out:

Cordova cooler

The Cordova we reviewed earlier does not have a 55 liter cooler. However, it has a 48 liter cooler, which is pretty close. However, what makes this cooler unique is that it is 100% made in America. In fact, it is currently the best cooler made in the USA.

The Cordova isn’t affordable, but it also boasts some truly unique features such as patented aluminum handles (with integrated bottle openers on each handle), increased lid stack height, eco-friendly insulation, and much more. It just doesn’t look like another YETI clone – we really liked it. Holds ice a bit longer than Coho.

Blue coolers

The most interesting thing about the Blue Coolers we reviewed earlier is that it also offers a 55 liter variant in addition to two other sizes. It might even be a little cheaper than Coho, so it’s worth a try.

What’s also quite unique about their coolers is that they boast thicker insulation than… the YETI coolers. That’s right, they have slightly stronger sidewalls.

Lifetime coolers

Lifetime Coolers have a 55 liter variant like Coho and are also a pretty well established brand. Their coolers have more variety in terms of colors and sizes than Coho, and the 55 liter variant happens to be cheaper than Coho. We also love the blue accents on their white radiator. And it’s not just another Yeti lookalike.

Coho Real Cold Soft Ice Bag

We decided to keep this part of the review fairly brief because, frankly, it was like de Ja Vu for us.
For starters, the Real Cold soft cooler looks an awful lot like the RTIC Soft Pak and Yeti Hopper Flip. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a soft cooler that appears to be a direct rip-off of the two.

We’ve seen this before with the Homitt and Patriot Soft Pack, so it didn’t seem to warrant a full review.

In terms of design and construction, the Real Cold soft cooler is basically a decent soft cooler. It has a snack box design, cold cell foam insulation, a welded liner, a strong zipper and a well thought out lid that maximizes space.

It also has additional accessory pockets on the front and back, as well as side handles for easy carrying and a shoulder strap for those who prefer to do their carrying hands-free.

Ice retention is satisfactory, lasting 24 to 36 hours, as you would expect from a good soft cooler.

We really have no complaints about the design and construction or the performance. The problem is that we see something we’ve seen before more times than we care to remember, and when the industry sees such a lack of innovation, it’s a bit mind-numbing.

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