Can I buy a gingerbread house kit with food stamps

Can you buy a bakery package with a meal voucher?

Gingerbread house kit :  I’ll say yes. It’s on food stamps and you can buy something like that on and off Easter, so I guess. You can try it.

I used food stamps and they wouldn’t let me buy them. But try, if it doesn’t work, let them know you don’t want it

I’m sure the answer is no … but whether you’re serious about buying your kit or not … even more …

I think yes. Technically, it is considered a food product.

Can I buy with postage? We have food stamps or we simply know the rules!? ^

I received food stamps and I want to know if I can buy this box. Not even the food…does anyone know? thank you very much


** Not sure where to put it, so keep it here and see your parents often. Thanks for all the replies!

Thanks, I’m trying to make my own oasis by buying food separately. I really want my mom to get well this year, but I don’t make much money and I’m a single mom, so I can save $10 and give her a nice FS gift box. The next time you go shopping, you’ll probably take it to the counter.

I can buy a gingerbread house kit with food stamps

I usually don’t buy Christmas presents because everyone knows I don’t have much money. Tree or W/E put baskets and buy cheap mugs…. You won’t ask for a review or ask me if you do?

I know you can buy bread kits but they are technically edible…I don’t want that but I know you can too

I work at Walmart yes you can!!!!! You can buy more shopping baskets / gift boxes with shopping tokens. Not everything is hard. And if they have things like coffee cups, probably not. But tea or coffee sets, meat/cheese sets, cakes, chocolates, BBQ sauces, smiles and yes, bread sets. But you have to shoot and take it to the registry to find out.

Non-eaters will never understand non-eaters… until they’ve walked a mile or two in a sitting. For example, your Christmas party is happy and you can share the joy.

I’ve never gotten food stamps before, so I’m not sure, but I doubt they’ll allow it. With all due respect, food stamps are used to buy food for survival, not gifts. If money is limited, why buy baking ingredients? They are much better than the stuff in these boxes and cheaper. Great and I’ll be back.

This will be posted on the Food Stamp website:

I use food stamps and I’m almost 100% sure you can’t buy them with food stamps because they contain one or more food items. But the worst thing you can do is try … take it to the cash register and give him your food stamp when he rings …. cover it with food stamps (i.e., when you If no one else buys – food). You can always tell them to remove the article from your paper only if you don’t want to pay anything and they will remove the article from the paper so you don’t owe anything and the article is in the box. Put it in and maybe bring it back. In your place later






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