Best Parts of D.C. For Rental Apartments-REAL ESTATE

Washington D.C. is one of the hottest places to rent an apartment on the East Coast. Thousands of people a month are looking for apartments in Washington D.C.
No question why again. It is a safe place to live, the job market is booming, and local brands are a different kind. There will be no shortage of things to do within Washington D.C. You want to find a new restaurant every week, you can. You want to have options for different bars to drink from, you will know. If you like shopping, there will be plenty. That being said, there are other parts of Washington D.C. where it is better to rent accommodation than others. Let’s look at some of them!

1. Capitol Hill

By staying on Capitol Hill, you will get that feeling of living in cities. Capitol Hill is also very safe as you not only have D.C. police. they guard the area, but also have a large police force.
Capitol Hill is a beautiful and prosperous place with local businesses and restaurants that you may be traveling a long way from your apartment. On your trip, you will meet some of the best people you have ever met. Also, if your job is political, that is probably where you want to live.

2. Edgewood

Many people already living in Edgewood will tell you that there is no better place to live. The community always comes together, the vibe is that most people are very friendly, and the place is beautiful within D.C. metro.

3. Woodley Park

Woodley Park is one of the most densely populated areas within Washington D.C. While there may be nothing you can do like a place like Capitol Hill, you may be the type of person who likes to ride the streets and ride a bike. If so, Woodley Park is the place to hunt. You will only be driving from a place like Capitol Hill again.

4. Foggy Bottom

Foggy Bottom is a last resort in D.C. This is where most of the young students and professionals will be staying. It is full of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. Nightlife will

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