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Internal culture


Exceptional people achieving exceptional results


We have an internal culture that rewards teamwork B&D technology, encourages leadership and strives to deliver experiences that exceed our customers’ expectations. We believe that how we communicate and serve our customers is as important as the projects we deliver.


Our executive leadership team is built on the talent and experience of seasoned professionals, and our employees are the reason for our success. It is not enough for us to provide superior service; we must also be a great place to work to attract and retain the best talent in our industry. We are an organization of exceptional people achieving exceptional results.




B&D  technology continues to be a leader in safety. We are relentless in our approach to prevent any mishap. We believe that every incident, i.e., every occupational accident and occupational disease, can be prevented. If it’s not safe, we don’t do it. We reinforce this philosophy through a combination of technical field practices and ongoing training.


Quality Assurance


Quality B&D  technology work reduces costs, improves planning and therefore satisfies our customers. We believe in achieving quality by making solid, fact-based decisions, identifying problems before they happen, solving problems quickly if they arise, and inspiring everyone on the project to do it right the first time.


Value engineering


We meet your project goals with the best services at the best price


The true value of engineering (VE) is when our analysis of project requirements leads us to solutions that improve the function, form, total cost, schedule and overall life cycle of our installations. Early entry into the project will give us an edge to make significant value-added decisions. When analysing VE concepts, we subject current plans as well as new ideas to a conceptual assessment that includes function, life cycle and aesthetics. We believe that VE has the greatest impact when it is done in the earliest stages. Over time, savings potential decreases and loss protection increases. However, even as construction progresses and conditions or requirements inevitably evolve, we are always looking for innovative ways to save time and money and pass those savings on to the GC/Owner.




Maximize the efficiency of your projects with B&D pre-production services


B&D Industries has introduced a pre-fabrication and implementation process to combat the rising cost of construction in today’s market. We’ll keep your project running smoothly by taking repetitive construction processes and moving them to our in-house facility. This allows us to increase efficiency while significantly reducing labour time and material waste associated with your larger projects.


Safety is also at the forefront of every project that B&D undertakes. Prefabrication in a controlled environment has been shown to reduce construction-related injuries and lost time.


With our 2,200 square foot shop dedicated to pre-production design and construction, B&D can efficiently and safely create in-wall assemblies (power, lighting and data), overhead line bends and line support systems. In addition, we can safely complete the cutting, filing and preparation of hinge assemblies, heavy metal components and threaded piping in our workshop, not on site. Material requirements are carefully reviewed and these requirements are carefully incorporated into the design of your project.




The presentation phase is designed to give your property the best possible attention. This includes identifying potential problems, planning, scope of work, cost estimation and project needs analysis. In addition, pre-production provides everyone involved with a clear blueprint to follow during the work and educates our clients on what they need to do to make their project run efficiently.




For every project we implement, regardless of its scale, we put the main emphasis on protecting people and the environment, supporting local economic development and partnering with the community.


Security Qualification


B&D continues to maintain approved facility permits through the Department of Energy, Department of Défense, and the National Nuclear Security Administration. Facility authorization is granted based on an approved inspection and Foreign Ownership, Control, or Influence (FOCI) approval. B&D device permissions are registered up to the Secret Restricted Data level. This allows B&D to perform work at any facility approved by the Department of Energy, the Department of Défense, and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.


Design, technology and operations


Design-Builds improves project delivery


B&D Industries, Inc. continues to focus on the design-build delivery method. This is the preferred method when limited risk and timely delivery are needed. It is effective for project deliveries when equipment functionality and timeline are the most critical customer needs. In addition, it is a cost-effective solution for industrial sites and complexes that already have established construction and maintenance performance specifications.


Innovate any project with our technologies


B&D has been designing, installing and servicing low voltage cable systems for over 25 years. Whether you need to rebuild your network or upgrade and integrate into your existing network, B&D can provide reliable turnkey solutions to meet your company’s needs. We are proud to represent leading manufacturers of products and services.




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