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Nissan Easy-Fill tire warning system

Filling your car’s tires (vehicle technologies) with air should be done carefully to prevent premature deflation. Such unexpected accidents may not always be unpredictable. More aspects could be controlled to prevent tire damage in the middle of the road. One factor you need to consider is tire inflation, which can lead to scary events if things go awry. Do not risk your safety or finances by improperly inflating your tires. The best Nissan cars and service are available at Palm Springs Nissan, Cathedral City, CA. Let’s find out more about how Nissan’s easy tire fill alert system works.

Tire warning system

Drivers will find it easier to travel this holiday season without spending more on gas and air. The number of traffic accidents is increasing rapidly and is around 11,000 every year, causing more than 600 deaths. However, safety precautions are in place to prevent stomach upset incidents.

According to studies conducted by various departments and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the effects of these accidents can be greatly reduced if the tires are properly inflated. Nissan offers the best technology to reach the recommended pressure in minutes. It can only take half the time of traditional tire measurement. Properly inflating your tires can save you at least 11 cents per gallon based on current prices.

How the Nissan Easy-Fill Tire Alert System Works

When you park the vehicle technologies in a safe place, apply the parking brake and put it in automatic transmission mode. You should then leave the ignition on while the engine is off. Exterior lights flash as air begins to fill the tire. Now indicates monitoring of air pressure change via Easy-Fill Tire Alert. When the pre-set tire pressure is reached, the vehicle’s horn will sound. The hazard warning lights will flash three times and the horn will sound again when the tire is overinflated. If this indicator goes out, you need to let some air out.

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Nissan Easy-Fill Alert is now available for Pathfinder, Altima, Versa, Rogue, Maxima, Sentra and seven others. You can get the best deals on these vehicles at Palm Springs Nissan, CA. Schedule a test drive with us today!






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