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Purpose of the verification report

Amgo technology: An ever-increasing number of importers rely on online information about the company they are doing business with, and transactions are completed without any physical communication. This leads to money fraud and the delivery of substandard products. We will help you avoid any possibility of fraud by performing a thorough inspection agreed upon by both parties.

Our company verification service is aimed at protecting your business from fraud and ensuring that your money is invested in the right place. We provide you with first-hand information about the legal status, solvency and reputation of the supplier.

Benefits of supplier verification

We are very familiar with the suppliers and deal with the factories on a regular basis, all set up as your local eyes and ears. Our supplier verification service is nothing less than your personal insurance against fraudsters and benefits you in the following ways.

  • It guarantees the delivery of the product according to your specification.
  • You can assess the level of social responsibility of the company.
  • Risk reduction and compliance.
  • Better business reputation and customer relations.

why choose us

We are recognized as a benchmark of quality and integrity at home and abroad for our conscientious inspection and verification services.

Our team strictly adheres to strict standards and ensures implication of quality control procedures.

We excel at conducting online and on-site background checks.

Years of experience with Chinese manufacturers and suppliers add value to the inspection process.

We have an extensive network of qualified inspectors covering major industrial cities in China.

A detailed supplier credibility report is provided to determine the supplier’s reputation and recommendations necessary for shipment.

General guidelines for safe trading

Business-to-business e-commerce is growing rapidly worldwide, and various reports indicate that online B2B sales will most likely increase by $6.7 trillion by 2020. With increasing opportunities for suppliers to expand their business, fraudsters have an equal chance to rise. To ensure a safe online store, consider the following guidelines.

Do your research

In addition to looking at the company’s website, read their policies carefully and pay attention to the points they make about returns, damages, and back orders. Make sure they publish the physical address of the business and accurate contact information on the website. Search for the company name along with words like “scam” or “dishonest” to see if other distributors or retailers have had a bad experience with them.

Consider reviews

Check online reviews to determine the reputation of the supplier. A legit company usually has a lot of positive reviews and mentions on various forums.

Choose wisely

Contact the supplier yourself on their provided contact number. An alarm should go off in your head if they listed a cell phone number instead of a landline.

Also ask for the company’s business license number and business license number when you approach. Legitimate Chinese companies must register with government entities. If they are unable to provide a unique business license number, we recommend not proceeding.

Obtaining samples

Get a product sample for quality testing. To trap you, the scammer may send the sample for free or at a very low price. To avoid being scammed, please increase your order size, i.e. place an order of 10 units worth $1000 instead of a $100 sample.




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