Airgun technology


Airgun Technology has produced exceptional rifles in the past, and the all-new Vixen fits perfectly into that category. Not only is this rifle accurate and precise, but it is also light and compact. The Vixen has been built to best suit all shooters by taking feedback from other AGT models and creating this air rifle.

The design of the rifle is very tactical with its compact dimensions and manoeuvrability. The PCP feed system ensures shot after shot consistency with a great air pressure regulator. The all-new Vixen features a fully adjustable trigger as well as an easy-to-cock side lever that can be easily flipped to either side of the rifle.

The rifle delivers great control thanks to its all-weather synthetic AR pistol grip and cold-forged CZ barrel, known worldwide for its near-perfect performance in the field.


Available calibres: 5.5mm (.22) and 4.5mm (.177)

Air tank volume: 250 cm3

Working pressure: 300 bar.

Total length: Long – 920 mm

Barrel length: Long – 400 mm

Weight: Standard – Long – 2.3 kg


Thanks to the Mail Order VCR Act we now have a comprehensive network of agents across the UK allowing us to deliver your rifle almost to your door (usually within 5 miles) for you to collect. Please note that you may have to pay an administration fee of around £25 to your local gun shop to receive your rifle. We aim to deliver your rifle within three working days.

Call 01924 860607 for further details or inquiries about delivery times.

IMPORTANT- Our standard delivery for all other products is 2-3 working days.


Based in the Czech Republic, Airgun Technology or AGT Airguns distributes its excellent Vulcan, Uragan and Bullpup PCP airguns worldwide.

Having developed a new rifle loading system that allows the shooter to aim and load the weapon at the same time, AGT rifles also offer the option to change the cocking system on either side of the rifle – ideal for both left and right-handed users.

Airgun technology quickly built a reputation for superior quality and accuracy.

Where is airgun technology made?

Based in the Czech Republic, Airgun Technology or AGT Airguns distributes its excellent Vulcan, Uragan and Bullpup PCP airguns worldwide.

How does an air gun work?

Pneumatic airguns propel projectiles by harnessing the pneumatic potential energy in compressed air that is pre-pressurized and stored inside the weapon and then released through valves during firing.

How powerful is an airgun?

Typical 230 grains. A 45 round ACP 230 will shoot 830-950 FPS depending on your ammo. When we do the math, energy ranges from around 355 foot-pounds to just over 400 foot-pounds.

Is an air rifle the same as a machine gun?

Shotguns and air rifles are similar but not identical. Each one shoots a single small pellet using compressed air.




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