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Aeon Technology Maybe your business has been around for decades and your industry hasn’t changed much. Or you run a traditional or established business and are more likely to be stable or very slowly declining

Maybe you don’t have an urgent fear, but consider this: don’t you want to feel a little better? Get a few more clients? Make your customers a little happier? Are you improving the image and modernity of your brand just a little bit?

To meet the challenges together with clients from various business sectors, Aeon Technology has adopted a customer-centric innovation strategy. This strategy focuses on building value-creating relationships with clients, system partners and employees within the organization.

We focus on innovation and quality solutions. Our people are ready to find new and better ways to solve clients’ problems and to maximize their business returns by all means.


Why wait?


CEOs no longer think that only digital start-ups or high-tech darlings like Amazon, Apple or Google can benefit from digital transformation. Executives in all industries are looking for ways to use digital advances to transform customer relationships, internal processes and even business models.

  • Technology Voucher Program (TVP)
  • Objective


Launched in November 2016, TVP aims to support local businesses/organizations in using Aeon technology services and solutions to improve productivity or upgrade or transform their business processes.




Local entities meeting the following requirements can apply for funding under the TVP:


  • (i) Registered in Hong Kong under the Companies Registration Ordinance (Cap. 310); or


  • (ii) incorporated and registered in Hong Kong under the Companies Ordinance (Chapter 622); or


  • (iii) incorporated in Hong Kong by relevant regulations as statutory bodies;




(b) you are not a Hong Kong listed company or a government-subsidised organisation3 or a subsidiary of any government-subsidised organisation3;




(c) With a substantial business activity in Hong Kong that is related to the requested project at the time of application.


Key Features Provide project funding on a 3 (Government):1 (Business/Organization) basis. Cumulative funding cap per business/organization: HK$600,000. Up to 6 projects per company/organization.


TVP invites applications for funding throughout the year. The entity should register as a user and submit its application through the Technology Voucher Program Funding Administrative System. Applicants can contact the Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) for assistance if they encounter difficulties applying through the TVP website. Please read the following documents before submitting your application.

How do I apply?

You can apply through the Technology Voucher Program Funding Administrative System. Applicants may contact the ITC for assistance if they encounter difficulties in applying through the TVP website.

Can I submit more than one TVP application at the same time?

You can only submit one TVP application at a time. A new application can be submitted by the applicant only after the completion of the previously approved project and the submission of the final project report.

What kinds of projects will TVP finance?

TVP supports projects that adopt technology services and solutions that could improve productivity or modernize or transform the applicant’s business processes. A list of typical technology services and/or solutions covered by TVP is in Appendix B of the Application Guidelines. Applicants are welcome to propose additional technology services and solutions that could achieve TVP’s goals. We will consider the merits of such requests on a case-by-case basis. The project outputs should be used in a way that would have a direct impact on the applicant’s business activities in Hong Kong.






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