Advanced drivetrain engineering and technology

Advanced development of vehicles and powertrains


TMETC’s AE department coordinates cross-departmental projects to develop advanced powertrain technologies that meet future legislative and customer requirements. Significant expertise has been developed within the following areas and systems:


  • Advanced transmission and hybrid systems
  • Focused on technology development and validation
  • Design, analysis, verification and validation capabilities
  • Modelling and simulation of dynamic systems
  • Physical modelling to support technology development
  • Development of the powertrain system
  • Software within the loop to rapid prototyping
  • Standard CAE skills: MATLAB, Simulink, State flow
  • Embedded systems
  • Development of platform and processes and tools
  • Development of automatic air con ECU
  • Battery Management System (BMS)
  • Driving hybrid vehicles


“Together with our customer, we conduct research and development in powertrain design to make a new generation of sustainable powertrains to protect the environment and meet the needs of the end user.”

  • We optimize powertrains for our customers using top quality design
  • We believe shaping the future of powertrains for a better environment and end-user satisfaction
  • Product portfolio
  • Our main focus is that the research and development of new zero or low emission propulsion systems for aviation.

We see a similarity within the application of a land mobile propulsion system. Vehicles powered by electric motors can use transmissions and high-speed motors to form them more efficient and lighter. ADT engineering develops transmissions for ground electric powertrains for cars and trucks with particular emphasis on noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) also as efficiency and light weight.

ADT also uses its technical capabilities for little vehicles. We develop powertrains for e-bikes, electric cargo bikes and similar vehicles. along with our partners, we are ready to carry out the development of a complete system – from energy storage to motor and gearbox to control logic and sensor technology.


  • research
  • Proposal writing support
  • Dissemination and use of research results
  • development
  • Design and calculation of gears
  • Powertrain Systems Engineering
  • Project management and management
  • training
  • Basic and advanced Kiss soft training
  • Selection training for the project


A new type of transmission technology uses a variable speed rotor to maximize power capture. It also contains fewer parts than traditional technology, allowing it to be assembled employing a high-volume, low-cost assembly process.





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